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Welcome to the revamped Greenfield site, and welcome to our first monthly blog!

This month, we’ve been getting excited about microscopes.

No, really, come back…

For the last couple of years, Dai has been pursuing his special interest in root canal work.

He’s about to go into the last year of his MSc in Endodontics.

It has been a sizeable commitment, with a combination of distance learning, one to one supervision from a team of experts just outside Liverpool, and practical sessions: all while maintaining a busy practice here in Dinas Powys.

The first year two years were a combination of study online and in person, with small teaching groups looking at innovations in root canal work, 2D and 3D imaging, research methods and statistics in the field, and endodontic microscopy.

This final year is all about his dissertation, so he’ll be researching, reviewing, presenting his findings while doing more clinical work.

Of course, all of this only matters if it benefits our patients. Having a particular interest in root canal work means not only devoting the time to develop expertise, but investing in specialist equipment, so that’s where our new microscope comes in.

It’s an investment worth making, we think, and isn’t just any microscope: it magnifies up to x20 (far more powerful than your average practice equipment).

Dai is fond of saying, ‘We can’t clean what we can’t see!’

It says we are committed to precision in the care we offer you- and after all, that’s the important bit, isn’t it?

Until next time…

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